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Client Spotlight: The Trisda Group

It is 2023 and we are all still hoping for a glimpse of the ‘light’ at the end of the pandemic tunnel.  This quarter, SSS thought it would be bold to shift the focus back to the pandemic and detail how the company and its clients were able to overcome the obstacles we faced together.  That said, it was an easy decision to vote The Trisda Group as our client spotlight this quarter!

Meet Trent and Danielle Seaman- the owners of The Trisda Group.  They began their relationship in high school and continued throughout their college years at Penn State.  Fun side note: Trent and Danielle attended Penn State during the same time as our CEO, Steve Daniele!  Little did they know, they’d find a reliable business relationship in Steve and SSS in the years to come.

Founded in 2007, The Trisda Group focuses its efforts on property management and considers that aspect the ‘core’ of what they represent in the Pittsburgh area.  Trisda conducts business specifically in Mt Washington, Beechview, Brookline, Dormont, Brentwood, Mt. Lebanon, Crafton, and Greentree and are looking to expand their rental portfolio in Westview and other areas throughout 2023.

In the early days, The Seamans did their own renovations.  In 2019, they acquired a multimillion-dollar project in Mt Washington and quickly realized that they needed true day to day labor in ALL trade phases.  As the saying goes, timing was certainly on their side because soon after acquiring one of their largest projects, they got a mailer from SSS!  After the initial reach out, it was obvious to both parties that there was a mutual attraction to what both Trisda and SSS could bring to the table for one another.  We LOVE IT when that happens!

As we all know, 2020 was a critical year for so many small businesses to stay afloat. A key component for SSS to do this was to keep building relationships and to continue relying on our core values to overcome the challenges 2020 presented our company.  How did we work together with The Trisda Group to stay profitable and successful?  Trisda brought the volume while SSS provided the infrastructure. 

Trent and Danielle detailed this time quite transparently when they explained that the biggest attraction in working with SSS is our ability to tailor our craftsmen to their scope of work.  This was a solid determining factor in the development of our mutual success.  Bottom line, SSS displayed flexibility and customization that gave Trisda the opportunity to take advantage of our employee-based model.  In retrospect, SSS appreciated Trisda’s commitment, organization, attention to detail, and quick communication.  With these factors combined, Trisda was providing 4 to 5 jobs at once and upwards of 35 different scopes of work during the tumultuous battle of the pandemic.  A true breath of fresh air in a time where things could quickly derail due to the unknowns of covid.  To call this a success story is an understatement to our company.  We value and appreciate all of the clients who helped push us through the grit when, at times, it felt impossible to navigate.  To this day, SSS is proud to say that our relationship with The Trisda Group has strengthened and we remain grateful to have them on our side as an advocate of our business product.

SSS chose this story to lift the spirits of others in a time where the once possible scenario might still seem a bit distant.  As we all try to regain some composure in the new year, please know that we support you from one small business to another and express gratitude to everyone who has advocated us in a time of uncertainty.  If you feel this story spoke to you in a way that The Trisda Group or Shannon Staley & Sons can offer a helping hand with our services, please click below to contact us.