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Above and Beyond

A couple weeks ago I tasked our management team with the following: email me one example where a fellow team member went above and beyond to live our 5 core values.

Below are some comments by our team of Dave Flores, our Director of HR and Recruiting.

Commitment: Dave is always on time and stays late to make sure that all employees are taken care of. He is always willing to jump into any situation when he is needed and not needed. He stops what he is doing usually to make sure SSS is first.

Gratitude: Dave is always thankful that he has a place to work and call home

Profitable: Dave is always there to jump in when a decision is made that affects the profitability of the company; he offers to help and spend his own time to make sure that the project gets completed for the company and customer.

Generous: Dave has helped so many people in the company when he did not have to. He does not complain and never asks what he gets out of helping. He is a stand-up guy.

Family Focused: He will drop whatever he is doing to make sure his Mom and his family are taken care of no matter what the situation is. Dave has help me personally in more ways than anyone will even know.

Thank you Dave for living our SSS values every day.