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Give it up for CJ Hamner!

The ‘Staley Cup’ award is selected by Operational Management to recognize the employee that best performed under the SSS model in the previous 90 days.

CJ is approaching his second year with SSS and has showcased his talent and positive attitude above and beyond on a daily basis.  CJ has an interesting story to tell starting from his upbringing on the farm all the way to meeting his fiance in a Call of Duty online platform.  CJ’s father was a contractor for 20 years, so CJ gives him credit for his knowledge and skillset on the job sites at work.

Hometown: Columbiana County, Ohio

Main Trade: Drywall/Plaster

Hobbies: Gaming (specifically Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Grounded), drawing and music.  CJ plays guitar and has a few other instruments he toys around with in his spare time.

Favorite Restaurant: Yama Japanese Restaurant in Beaver, PA

Best part about working for SSS:  The management team is so supportive and doesn’t leave you hanging.  I’ve hit a few rough patches in the past year and when I’ve opened up to management about them, I’ve always felt accommodated not only as an employee, but as a person they genuinely care about.

Congratulations CJ and keep up the great work!