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Client Spotlight: James Weber


A prime example of how SSS shifts their focus throughout the ever evolving construction industry in Pittsburgh, PA would be the Property Management market we serve.  Why did we choose to highlight James Weber, from Home River Group, in our 2nd Quarter Newsletter?  His positive outlook, go-getter attitude, and savvy paradigm on how to complete work orders (whether small or large) are just a few reasons he has been given a metaphorical seat at the SSS roundtable.  James is currently employed by The Home River Group and has quite the extensive background that he was kind enough to showcase in our spotlight interview:

What is something about you that people may not know?


  • In my current role not many know about the other career path I have been on, Craft Beer and Beverage production. I started as a keg washer but worked my way to become a Director of Operations, Minority Owner and Head Brewer, winning medals for my recipes along the way. I am a 6th generation brewery worker. My grandfather retired as the Senior Engineer of Pittsburgh Brewing in 2000 just before they closed operations in Lawrenceville. I grew up in and around that brewery. I guess you could say Beer is in the blood. Figuratively and Literally!

How long have you been with The Home River Group?


  • I have been in my role at HRG for just over 1 year now. Although I have been in The Real Estate industry for just over 10 years. 

Tell me more about your career and how you came into the path of Property Management


  • It was by chance to be honest with you. I had been in North Carolina working in breweries, enjoying traveling and playing music and running another company for close to 12 years. There were many changes that happened all in the same year for me. Some professional and some personal. The majority ownership of the brewery I had been the Director of OPs and Head Brewer of decided it was time for them to sell and move on. Many of my ties to the area had changed and it was time for me to make a change in my life. I moved back to Pittsburgh and lived in an apartment complex. There was a community event there within the first few months that I went to and met the Maintenance team. I had always been a handy person being taught many trade skills through family and also working for General Contractors at various times in my life. They said they needed a painter and it took off from there. I worked there for 3-4 months before I was given the opportunity to be a traveling tech for the company as a whole where I began to learn the ropes of Property Management. I got my next break when the company took on larger portfolios and needed an additional Property Manager. I transitioned to become a PM for them but also began handling Rentals, Marketing, Project Management, and still out in the field sometimes for larger renovation projects. I obtained my Real Estate License and am currently working my way to obtaining my Broker’s License. 

What do you love the most about your career?


  • At the end of the day, I have a sense of accomplishment. Be it simple admin tasks to large projects that impact the lives of the people I work with and for. To look back and say “Hey, I/we did that”. The other enjoyable aspect is working to make positive impacts in and  around the community by revitalizing areas. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to enter the Property Management industry?


  • Every client, every tenant, every vendor is unique. Learning how to navigate and communicate with each goes a long way in making things run smoothly. 

What do you do in your downtime?


  • I have been playing drums and guitar since I was a teenager and have been very fortunate to have played with some very high caliber/ talented musicians in my life and traveled all over North America. I still like to sit and play when I can. Other than that I love to be outdoors, camping, fishing, outdoor sports, out in the mountains or by a river and a campfire.

Has SSS helped you enhance your success and have we stood out among other vendors for you both competitively and efficiently? 


  • Most Definitely! The SSS team have always been able to provide quality work at reasonable prices while meeting critical deadlines. This translates to peace of mind for me when speaking to clients about using your services and that if they choose your company all expectations will be met or exceeded.  The level of customer service that everyone on the team is willing to provide to me as a PM, an Owner, or even the tenants, is fantastic! You are always available to walk each person through the process and take the extra care to ensure everyone involved is informed and treated respectfully and satisfied, every time. I recommend your company to both professional and personal contacts.