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2nd Quarter Project Spotlight

The front of a home is one of the most important parts because it can give a first impression to anyone who sees it.  This modern facade was a wonderful opportunity for SSS to provide an optimal first impression with its updated surrounding colors and bright yet elegant front door design.

SSS was given the opportunity to give this bathroom a modern renovation simply defined by a soft and dark color pallet,  straight, clean lines, uncluttered counter space, and geometric shaping.  The contemporary appeal absolutely dominates this area!  The space in this bathroom is quite synonymous to a luxurious style bathroom in a new construction home.

Your living space is a place where one feels most comfortable and openly shows the personality of the homeowner/renter.  SSS enhanced the enrichment of living by replacing and expanding the window, as well as adding in the built ins for a touch of personality.  The floors were also updated as a large scale change to reflect an open invitation to the living space!